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Gardening Jobs for this week

05 December, 2022 |

If you keep many mature plants in pots, now is a good time to knock the pot off and check the roots are healthy looking...

Gardening Jobs for this week

28 November, 2022 |

With the constant rain at the moment, indoor jobs are a good thing...

Gardening Jobs for this week

19 November, 2022 |

There is still time to be planting evergreen shrubs. They are a great way to fill in a bare space in the border...

Gardening Jobs for this week

10 November, 2022 |

Trim back Hydrangea Paniculata. The beautiful heads of this plant are quite heavy and as the Autumn winds increase there is a risk that the shoots may split...

Up to 50% SALE

22 October, 2022 |

Gardening Jobs for this week

21 September, 2022 |

Now is a great time to get planting, especially tress, shrubs and hedging...

Gardening Jobs for this week

17 September, 2022 |


05 August, 2022 |

Roy Chandler, who owns Gardeners Paradise, in Canterbury, also advises that another money and water saver is to use coconut coir as a mulch because it retains moisture easily and naturally.

He said: “Coir mulch is a natural by-product from the inside of a coconut which in the garden both holds water and drains well keeping plants hydrated. In addition, it slowly breaks down, adding nutrients back into the soil as compost. Coir also helps control weeds and lasts up to three years.”


16 January, 2022 |

Behold Mahonias – yes I know they can appear to be spiteful and might give a few pricks. However, they are in flower in the dank dreary winter months and then followed by blue-black berries

Autumn Gardening Tip

23 September, 2020 |