Caring for your Tree Fern.

Hello everyone, just thought I'd share some new advice on how easy caring for Tree Ferns can be. As we are all aware they don't always do so well in the colder temperatures we have, so below are some pointers in how to keep them thriving as best you can, and then beneath them some pointers in caring for them in general. As you'll see for yourself there's not a great amount to it and they can be a really impressive and exotic showpiece of the garden once they're up and running.


For the winter months first up put a handful of straw into the centre top of the tree fern, when doing this be careful not to damage new delicate fronds that might be emerging. Next, once you've covered the top draw up all of this years fronds and tie them together with some soft twine.In the event of very, very cold weather wrap the fronds and the trunk in a gardening fleece. Also in the winter try one tablespoon of sugar in the grown an water gently.

Caring for your Tree Ferns in general once they are established is actually fairly simple as once they are established they require very little care, mainly just ensuring they are watered whenever possible. However here are a few other helpful snippets just in case. 

  • Always plant or place them in a partially shaded spot that is sheltered from strong winds.
  • Water them regularly.
  • Protect them in winter as explained above. 
  • Spring Feed general fertilizer in granules around the base. 
  • Boost with liquid feed applied with a watering can into the crown of the plant.
  • Cut back old fronds when brown no more than 15cm from the trunk. The old frond stalks help form the trunk as it increases in height. 

 Growing Tree Ferns in pots is fine for several years but do your best not to allow it to dry out. If this happens it will take it much longer to reach its full stature.

Tree Ferns in the jungle feed on accumulated debris such as bird and animal droppings. These get washed into the crown and as such are used as carbohydrates or sugar for the fern.

Finally for established Tree Ferns throughout the year things change. In the Spring and Summer you'll want to be feeding them once or twice a week and watering them regularly, however when autumn comes you'll want to stop feeding them and allow the fronds to harden up for the colder winter months! 

As you can see from the pictures Tree Ferns really do grow into the most beautiful looking trees, a real eye-catcher for your garden!