Information about Hydrangeas

Wanting to get some hydrangeas for your garden area, but you don't know much about them, we have lots of useful information for you 

What are Hydrangeas ?

Hydrangea common names hydrangea or Hortensia, is a genus of 70–75 species of flowering plants native to Asia and the Americas. By far the greatest species diversity is in eastern Asia, notably China,

How do i plant them and what size ?

We recommend you choose a large container for Hydrangeas possibly18 to 20 inches in diameter . Small pot like the one your hydrangea came in usually dry out too fast, causing the plant to wilt. If your container doesn't have holes for drainage, drill some into the bottom. 

What type of Hydrangeas are available ?

French Hydrangea

Glam Rock Hydrangea

OakLeaf Hydrangea 

Smooth Hydrangea

Care tips for Hydrangeas 

Water them

Add mulch

Apply fertilizer

How do you cut back Hydrangeas?

When hydrangea plants are given plenty of growing space in the garden, they don’t need pruning. All that is required is the occasional removal of dead wood.

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