Gardening Jobs for this week

Take cuttings from shrubs and perennials.


Whether you are wanting to increase the number of plants in your garden, have an insurance policy against losing plants in the winter or having green gifts for friends or neighbours, now is the time to get some plants for free.


Hydrangea, Fuchsia, Salvia, Rosemary, Hebe and many other plants can have cuttings taken now.


Take cutting material in the morning, selecting healthy young shoots, ideally without a flower bud on. If there are flower buds, then remove them.


Select a shoot around 8cm long. Cut the stem just below a leaf joint. Remove the leaves carefully from the stem leaving just 2-4 at the top. Place cuttings around the edge of a 3 inch pot filled with multi purpose compost. Label and water.


Place the pot in a shady spot and mist the leaves when it is hot.


Most cuttings should take in 4-6 weeks. When roots are showing through the bottom of the pot, carefully remove the plants and pot up individually.