Month by Month Gardening Calendar - 07 July


What to do in the garden in July
Welcome to July, the sun is shining and the garden is at its peak with an explosion of colour from the flowers in full bloom at the moment. 

As typically the warmest and sunniest months of the year, this is the time to really enjoy all of the hard work that was put in during winter and spring.  Stay vigilant and keep on top of watering plants during hot spells - especially new tender plants, newly planted trees and shrubs. The warm and moist temperatures of July will also encourage the insects to multiply, causing pests such as aphids to wage war on your plants.

We stock a range of organic pest control methods to give you the confidence to protect your plants and control pests. 

Most of all, make sure to enjoy the garden you have worked so hard to create all those months ago with wonderful time spent amongst nature and greenery. 

Take a look at the full list of jobs below!

Ornamental Garden:

  • Continue to deadhead herbaceous perennials and roses as flowers go over.
  • Continue weeding.
  • Continue to edge borders.
  • Cutback oriental poppies once flowered.
  • Divide bearded irises of flowering is declining – replant the youngest rhizomes.
  • Cut flowers to encourage more blooms for longer.
  • Trim evergreen hedges.
  • Plant autumn flowering bulbs.
  • Cut back spent flowers of climbing hydrangea.
  • Feed dahlias/cannas etc.
  • Take cuttings of clematis.
  • Sow biennials.  
  • Support climbing and herbaceous plants to stop them from flopping over.

    Other Garden Jobs
    • Continue to mow lawns.
    • Apply fertiliser to lawns for a nutrient boost.
    • Continue watering plants regularly, particularly during hot spells
    • Keep an eye on potential plant diseases and pests.