Garden Tips for Summer

Month by Month Gardening Calendar - 08 August

02 March, 2022 |

Glorious August - a time for spending time in the garden with some sizzling summer barbeques and enjoying the fruits of your labour, good thing the temperatures are generally quite consistent and warm!

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Month by Month Gardening Calendar - 07 July

02 March, 2022 |

Stay vigilant and keep on top of watering plants during hot spells - especially new tender plants, newly planted trees and shrubs. The warm and moist temperatures of July will also encourage the insects to multiply, causing pests such as aphids to wage war on your plants.

Month by Month Gardening Calendar - 06 June

02 March, 2022 |

Now that summer has arrived we can expect warm temperatures and long sunny days, some days can easily reach over 20°C, so be sure to shade and water young plants regularly during hot days. June is usually one of the driest months so be sure to keep on top of watering the garden.