Garden Tips for Spring

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16 May, 2023 |

Month by Month Gardening Calendar - 05 May

02 March, 2022 |

Make sure to keep all newly planted trees, shrubs and plants well watered during dry spells, especially once first planted out and add a layer of coir or woodchip mulch to help with water retention within the soil. Both are available in 1000 litre bulk bags. This is also the time to ensure all weeds are kept on top of and nipped in the bud early, do this by raking or hoeing the ground to catch them before they develop and spread. 

Month by Month Gardening Calendar - 04 April

02 March, 2022 |

This exciting month is a mix of new growth and spring awakening, thanks to the showers in April and the ground starting to become warmer you will notice a lot of plants starting to grow quite rapidly. 

If you have a greenhouse you can start your hanging baskets keeping them sheltered and watered ready for their grand entry to your garden in May.

If you do not have a greenhouse now is the time to pre order your baskets from the nursery.

Month by Month Gardening Calendar - 03 March

02 March, 2022 |

Finish mulching if not done in autumn. Now is a good time to plant: new perennials.