Yucca Rostrata

Genus of evergreen shrubs and trees, grown for the architectural value of their bold sword shaped clustered leaves.  Excellent container grown plants.  Requires full sun and well drained soil.

Yucca rostrata is a tree yucca up to around 3.5m high, with one or more woody stems, and a sphere of narrow, smooth, spine-tipped, blue-green leaves; they are 60-90cm long but only 1.3-2.5cm wide, and are rigid near the stem but flexible after the widest point, so that they move in even a slight breeze. The flowering stalk is up to 1.5m long with white flowers in summer or autumn.

Cultivation: Grow in full sun with shelter from cold drying winds and in well-drained soil - it will grow well in open, rich loamy soil but tolerates poorer, sandier soil, and may withstand cold better when grown in poorer soil

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