Phormium Tenar

Phormiums are undemanding exotic-looking, evergreens with eye-catching coloured, sword-like leaves. They are ideal for sunny borders, gravel gardens or containers. Their dramatic, curious flowers that tower over mature clumps in summer are a real talking point.

Though most are hardy in average UK winters, mulching and wrapping may be needed to prevent winter damage during cold winters and in northern parts of the UK. 
As phormiums are not fully hardy, so the best time to plant is in spring so the plants have time to establish well before the weather turns cold and wet. Planting during the summer and early autumn is also possible, but late plantings are more prone to winter cold and wet damage.

  • Water newly-planted phormiums during the first year after planting in the ground during dry spells, especially in summer
  • Established plants usually cope well with drought, but some watering can be beneficial during very hot and dry weather if the plants are not growing well
  • Container-grown phormiums are more vulnerable to drought damage. Water pots regularly, aiming to keep the compost moist, but not soggy


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