Information about Black Ice -Chippings 20mm

Looking for help with aggregates and unsure which ones to go for , have a look at one of our best selling products, Black Ice Chippings 20mm

What is black ice

Black Ice is an attractive landscaping aggregate that will give an individual, contemporary look to any garden. An eye-catching blend of grey, black and bluey-

What can you use these aggregates for ?

These chippings look stunning against paving and are ideal for paths, driveways, garden borders and around water features such as fountains and ponds

As well as looking great, black ice can be effective for moisture control and help suppress weed growth when used alongside weed control fabric.

Other useful information

  • Increases moisture retention in summer and provides insulation in winter
  • Colour changes when wet
  • Product has been sourced in the UK

Please see below , we have included some useful videos

How to use membrane with your aggregates

How to lay out your chippings and gravel 

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