During the winter months, most garden plants enter their rest period. They require little water, and reduce their metabolic processes to a minimum. This makes it the ideal time to repot your plants into larger pots, so that they acquire sufficient nutrients.


1. Choose a larger pot. Its important to make sure the new pot is not only wider, but also deeper. This will give the roots plenty of room. We recommend giving the plant at least an extra 2cms depending on size.

2. Prepare your new potting mix.  We use a mixture of our Raised Bed Mix with our Organic Recycled Compost at a ratio of 1:1. These products are available in store. Remember before placing the plant into the new pot, add a base layer of soil so the roots have space to grow. You will want to gently pat down to soil to remove any air pockets.

Tip: Adding plant food into your soil mixture is a great idea. Our plants love Bonemeal. Its a natural slow releasing fertiliser that encourages strong and healthy growth.


3. Remove plant from current pot. Hold your plant gently by the stem in the upright position, and tap the sides of your pot till your plant slides out. You might need to tug gently on the base of the stem to help the plant become lose. 

4. Loosen the roots. Loosen the plants roots gently with your hands. Prune any off that are extra long, but make sure to leave any thicker roots at the base of the foliage. 


4. Add plant. Place your plant into the new pot on top of the fresh base layer, making sure its centered. Add the rest of your soil mixture around the plant until it is secure. Be sure not to pack too much soil into the planter, as your roots wont be able to breathe. Leave about a 2cm gap from the soil to the top of the new pot. 


5. Water and enjoy!! Spread the soil evenly around the top, water and enjoy.