Tamarix- Pink Cascade

Large bush that grows into a small tree with pendulous twigs. The dark brown bark is slightly grooved at a later age. The twigs are a shiny light green, turning yellowish in the winter. The scaly, narrow, oval leaves are light bluish green. Leaves on young twigs are 0.4 to 0.5 cm long, on older branches approx. 0.1 cm long. Small pink flowers grow in clusters of 4 - 7 cm long that are arranged in large plumes of approx. 30 cm. The petals fall off quickly, but the stamens remain a long time. After flowering, small capsule fruits containing plentiful seeds appear. 'Pink Cascade' is the most winter-hardy Tamarix that is excellent suited for coastal areas as it tolerates salty air. When the plant is not blooming, it bears a superficial similarity to some conifers.

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