Royal Exterior Wood Finish 2.5 L


RRP £42 / Our price: £12.50

Royal Exterior Superior Wood Finish is a high-grade water-repelling timber treatment that contains a mould inhibitor to protect the coating. It is perfect for use on all softwood and hardwood products such as windows, doors, conservatories, summerhouses, gates, cladding and garden furniture. The unique formulation is a water-based acrylic a hybrid that incorporates a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil - a renewable resource . 

A 2.5 litre tin will cover approximately 16m2 depending on moisture content and porosity of the timber. It is recommended that 2 coats be applied with a 3rd coat if a deeper colour density is required. Royal Exterior Wood Finish is a high build formulation so each extra coat increases the colour and sheen. No primer or basecoat required. If applying to bare timber a knotting agent or stain blocking primer should be applied prior to Royal Exterior to prevent any possible resin bleed staining the coating. 

Lasts for 3 to 5years before needing to be recoated.

Sage leaf
Pillarbox red
Heritage Blue
Slate Grey
Cornish Cream
Eggshell blue
Olive Green
Iris Blue
Soft Mocha
Hadspen Blue
Spring Green
Porcelaine Blue
Priddy Pools
Dove Grey