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Laurel Hedging plants

The most commonly planted evergreen hedging there is, laurel could be the perfect choice for your garden. It’s easy to grow and look after, and it has a range of uses. This popular plant is known for its large, glossy leaves and it thrives in gardens across the country.

 How to grow and care for it

You can plant laurels in any soils except for chalk or water logged ground. For best results, plant them in moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil. If you position yours in very wet soil, they may not die, but they certainly won’t be at their verdant best. If wet soil is a problem in your garden but you still want to include cherry laurel in it, try ramping up the planting bed. This will keep the roots above the water table.

These laurels are at their strongest in full sun or moderate shade, but they can survive and grow even in very shaded areas. They are low maintenance and usually only require a light trim once a year. However, if you want to create crisper, cleaner lines, you may want to carry out a second trim. It’s also a good idea to prune these plants to remove any diseased shoots or damaged leaves. This is best done in late winter or early spring.

To maintain strong growth and ensure the leaves stay glossy and luxurious, you can feed the plants a couple of times a year.

Available sizes:

125cm-150cm -£ 29.00
150cm-170cm -£ 44.99
170cm-180cm - £74.99
180 cm - 200 cm - £97.99