Fig Tree

Figs are large shrubs or small trees grown for their succulent fruit and beautiful architectural foliage. They thrive in the garden, in a container, in glasshouses or trained against a wall.

Although figs can cope with dry conditions, drought can cause fruit to drop prematurely, especially if the developing fruit suffers from lack of water early in the growing season. Water plants regularly during the summer season, but do not give them too much or water them erratically while the fruit is ripening, as this may cause the fruit to split. Container grown plants are more vulnerable to lack of water.

Figs grown on fertile soils seldom require additional feeding in spring but when fruits appear feed weekly with a high-potassium liquid plant food (such as tomato fertiliser). If grown on poor soils and/or with root restriction, weak trees may benefit from an early spring application of 70g (2oz) of a balanced granular fertiliser .Overfeeding can lead to excessive vegetative growth at the expense of fruiting.

Weak growth may also be due to lack of water caused by root restriction. Where this appears to be the case, mulch with 2.5-5cm (1-2in) of garden compost or composted bark.

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