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Camellia's - Feature Plant of the week 03/03/2022

Camellia are easy to grow, glossy evergreens. They are ideal for containers. Their showy flowers come in whites, pinks and reds and appear early in the season; a time when not much else is flowering.

Among the most glamorous shrubs, camellias are upright or spreading, glossy-leaved evergreens, with white, pink or red flowers. Impressive in shrub borders, they are also ideal for containers and you can also grow them more informally in light woodland beneath deciduous trees.

Here at Gardeners Paradise we have a range of beautiful Camellia's available to purchase. They really are quite stunning as you can see from the photo's below... 


These are available for different prices based on type and size. 

Why not pop along and come and see these amazing plants and pick one out for yourself.