Australian Tree Fern

Australian Tree Fern (Dicksonia antartica)

As one of the oldest plants in the world the Dicksonia Antarctica is a fantastic addition to any garden. Not only is it one of the easier tree ferns to grow, it is also one of the most affordable. Native to Australia this dramatic plant can be found from Queensland to Tasmania and prefers to grow in a sheltered spot with partial to full shade. As one of the hardier tree ferns it can suit the milder British climate with some protection in winter. It will grow up to a few metres in size producing masses of large, ornate, dark-green fronds.

Tree ferns are slow growing and will only grow about 3-5cm per year. Therefore, when deciding which tree fern to buy it is normally best to go for one that is close to the size that you eventually want it to be. For example, a three foot tree fern is normally at least 36 years old!

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