Plants & Shrubs

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Beech Tree's
Beech Tree's £8.50
Laurel's Hedging
Laurel's Hedging £8.00
Laurus Nobilis
Laurus Nobilis £45.00
Buxus Tree
Buxus Tree £190.00
Fruit Tree 'Apple Braeburn'
Fruit Tree 'Apple Braeburn' £45.00
Fruit Tree 'Cherry Sunburst'
Fruit Tree 'Cherry Sunburst' £45.00
Fruit Tree 'Plum Victoria'
Fruit Tree 'Plum Victoria' £45.00
Prunus 'Pink Champagne'
Prunus 'Pink Champagne' £60.00
Photina x Fraseri 'Pink Marble'
Photina x Fraseri 'Pink Marble' £99.00
Cercis Canadenis 'Lavender Twist'
Cercis Canadenis 'Lavender Twist' £139.00
Magnolia Stellata
Magnolia Stellata £100.00
Magnolia 'Susan'
Magnolia 'Susan' £100.00
Olive Tree's
Olive Tree's £24.00
Ligustrum Delavayanum
Ligustrum Delavayanum £78.00
Olive Tree
Olive Tree £30.00
Hydrangea 'Revolution'
Hydrangea 'Revolution' £17.00
Rhododendron 'Blaauw's Pink'
Rhododendron 'Blaauw's Pink' £165.00
Rhododendron 'Aladdin Scout'
Rhododendron 'Aladdin Scout' £165.00