Plants & Shrubs

Browse our collection of plants and shrubs. If you can't find exactly what you're after, we often have additional stock in store.
Acer Palmatum 'Dissectum'
Acer Palmatum 'Dissectum' £200.00
Syringa Vulgaris 'Alice Harding'
Syringa Vulgaris 'Alice Harding' £75.00
Hanging Baskets
Hanging Baskets £9.99
Plato Olive Tree
Plato Olive Tree £350.00
Old Olive Tree - 500 years old onwards
Old Olive Tree - 500 years old onwards £1,200.00
Stubby Olive Tree
Stubby Olive Tree £140.00
Miniature Bamboo
Miniature Bamboo £49.00
Black Bamboo
Black Bamboo £75.00
Edgeworthia Grandiflora
Edgeworthia Grandiflora £125.00
Pieris Japonica 'Purity'
Pieris Japonica 'Purity' £12.50
Azalea Japonica 'Violetta'
Azalea Japonica 'Violetta' £9.00
Rhododendron Delta
Rhododendron Delta £15.00
Rhododendron Golden Gate
Rhododendron Golden Gate £15.00
Griselinia Littoralis
Griselinia Littoralis £15.00
Skimmia Perosa
Skimmia Perosa £20.00
Pinus Tree
Pinus Tree £40.00
Buxus Tree
Buxus Tree £75.00
Yellow Bamboo
Yellow Bamboo £75.00
Fig Tree
Fig Tree £50.00
Red Robins
Red Robins £9.00
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